How can ICUKGlobal help me?

Import China UK specialises in sourcing and importing on behalf of a variety of companies, both from the UK and further afield. Our knowledge and experience of importing from China has proved invaluable to many companies and individuals. Our model is based on acting as an extension of your company and working as a procurement arm of your company enabling you to take great time, energy and financial savings in your day to day management of your role/company.

Why import from China?

China manufacturers have been utilised by companies all over the world to benefit from cost saving advantages enhanced by labour costs and economies of scale. China has since enhanced its reputation for being at the forefront of innovation and quality, with many global manufacturers utilising Chinese manufacturers for parts or finished products.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

Import China UK does not impose MOQ's on the orders we are willing to deal with. The minimum order quantities are bound by the manufacturers. Many manufacturers vary in what size volume they will deal with, it is up to us and our staff to match your request with suitable manufacturers.

Why use an intermediary?

Just like many companies will outsource the responsibilities of sales, accounts, marketing and logistics, it is no different to utilise expertise with companies that can help maximise the efficiency of your buying capabilities.

How much does your service cost?

The costs involved in micromanaging your requirements vary from project to project. The cost though provided to you at quote stage, will be a non-obligation quote that will be inclusive of ALL fee's and costs, including our won.

How do I pay?

Terms of payment can vary depending on your preference, and what can be negotiated with the manufacturer. Orders under 1,000 will be paid in full up front, orders over this value will be paid with a deposit at time of order and the balance as the goods leave China. Terms of payment will always be pre agreed at time of order.

I've found a supplier in China, do you still help?

There are a variety of ways that we can become involved at this stage. The most simplest is that we can help provide you with logistical support and help get the goods in to the UK for you. Alternatively, we can look at the task you have been looking at and see if we can provide you with further cost savings or alternative solutions to your current manufacturer.

How long will my order take once placed?

Each order will vary depending on the manufacturer lead time and how you wish to send the goods to the UK. We will provide a clear critical path to help you understand the timings of the project and how long it will be to reach you.

How can I be confident of the quality of goods?

We carry out levels of due-diligence prior to providing you with a quote to make sure we are only dealing with reputable manufacturers. Following these checks, we would recommend samples to be obtained, whilst levels of assurances and warranties are provided by the manufacturer. We carry out quality control checks by our own staff and also by independent testing agencies if required.

Do the goods come with warranties?

There are steps that can be taken to maximise the service that the manufacturers provide you. Your request for a level of warranty or certification level held by the manufacturer will be followed for your peace of mind.

What can you source?

Almost anything!! We bring the knowledge about sourcing and importing and micro managing the importation process, you bring the knowledge of the products that are key to your market. We act as a procurement arm of your company, and work for your needs.

How are goods delivered?

The goods are delivered direct to your door, or someone elses door if you want us to deliver to a third party for you. We can arrange the delivery to the UK by Sea or Air, and then arrange a delivery vehicle to take to a single site in the UK. Should you require multiple drops, we can arrange this, but it will impact the price.

What do we need from you?

We need you to lavish us with as much information as you can about the products that you want. Specification, target price, launch date, packaging and delivery requirements etc. The more information you can provide us the more accurate we can get the products you want, for the price you want to pay. Don't worry if there are areas that you are open to changing or just that you haven't quite thought of yet, we can and are more than happy to provide alternative solutions to enhance your choice.

What do I need to start?

This bit is easy... you need an idea or an existing product that you want to source from China. Let us do the rest.

"Global Village caters for 5million visitors every season in Dubai, and when our company (Mellors Group Ltd) installed a 65m tall observation wheel we approached ImportChinaUK to supply 12,500 individually addressable LED's to enable us to turn the 65m structure into a huge rotating TV screen.
As you can see from the video that I gave to ImportChinaUK, the result was incredible, not only does it give our entire site a vibrant back drop and amazing light shows for the public, it has also given us a platform for sponsorship and promotions that will undoubtedly generate revenue. No longer are lights just an expensive necessity in my business, they are now a part of the future business model, and I can't thank ImportChinaUK enough for what they delivered. It far exceeded my expectations."

Edward Mellors (Director Mellors Group Ltd and Mellors Entertainment LLC)

Tel: 0115 8456514